'Inaga' Lightweight Jacket

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The 'Inaga' Lightweight Jacket!

  • Limited quantity available

Freshen up your closet and breathe some life into the upcoming season! This exclusive Jacket is exactly what you are looking for!

 A neatly tailored Windbreaker. 

Made with precision and high quality materials, this jacket won't leave you disappointed with your looks.

Urban streetwear at its best. 

Spielberg had it wrong…

Jaws wasn’t the scariest thing of all time…

Nowadays, it’s the price of Streetwear instead.

Our exclusive release is on sale for a limited amount of time.

The Inaga Windbreaker, in crisp blue, black, red or silver is a solid addition to one’s wardrobe.

Made with a custom blend of Polyester & Spandex, the Inaga Lightweight jackets is built to last with you through all of the seasons. 

This Winter piece is made in honour of the Ojibwa Chippewa Native American Tribe who are believed to have been the initial creators of the Dream Catcher. 

Dream Catchers are believed to have been a symbol of protection which are used to guide and protect those which use them. 

The threads of the dream catcher keep away the bad thoughts and only leave room for the good thoughts which lead to lives of further enrichment without being brought down by limiting beliefs within the mind. 

It is this idea that inspired this piece to come to be and is made to act as a constant reminder to remain positive and continue moving forward throughout your day to day life.

We’re Blank Walls. We’re for the homies, and not for those fast fashion money driven folks.

Right here, right now, cop this exquisite piece at a solid 75% OFF retail. Legit, you don’t wanna sleep on this yo’


  • Keeps you dry on the outside even in extreme weather conditions.
  • The fabric is strong and windproof preventing discomfort caused by extreme winds stealing precious body heat.
  • The fabric is also super breathable. Designed to let sweat escape from the surface to keep you dry without losing any body heat.
  • Active fit keeps the fabric close to your body allowing better movement and layering - not too loose and not too tight.
  • Ultra-comfortable inner fabric feels soft and warm on your skin.

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