About Us

Blank Walls started off as a dream amongst two young college students who had a passion for streetwear and hype fashion.

Everyone around them believed that this would always be a dream.

With hard work and persistence, they proved everyone wrong.


In the past year, Blank walls has been featured in stores around East Hollywood and has found their products selling all over the world.

Now, they are bringing their critically acclaimed and inspiring style to the digital world with a premiere online store.

Never has it been easier to get access to high quality urban streetwear fusion at an affordable price.


The founders of Blank Walls grew up in the western world but have been living in Asia for a few years. They dropped out of college and travelled in order to immerse themselves in Eastern culture. This is when they fell in love with Asian Street Wear.

Pursuing their passion, they learnt about the in's and out's of the attributes of Asian streetwear and brought their knowledge back to the West. Brainstorming for a couple of years, they managed to blend the style and precision of the East with the culture of Hype and persistence of the West. Thus, Blank Walls was formed into a brand that all can appreciate.

We make sure to provide our customers with the best quality material and style that we can possibly produce.

We always try to push the boundaries and have a few collections already lined up for the next couple of years. 



We decided to start selling exclusively online with no retailers. This gives us the ability to avoid huge markups and focus on catering to our international audience.

As a result of our online expansion and international focus, we were able to grow and scale our business and now ship worldwide to over 92 countries at minimal cost.

Let's strive to redefine traditional boundaries - we're here to help you do it. We hold the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity and originality.
















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